Exclusive CopyDoodles® Offer for GKIC Members!


GKIC members can get a copy of the CopyDoodles Classic Edition CD-ROM for a whopping 67% discount off the normal price of $297.   This one-time only investment of only $99.00 (+ shipping) gives you a jam-packed CD-ROM that includes:

  • The top 432 response-boosting shapes, words and phrases that marketing tests have shown will boost your response 20%, 30% or even more!
  • Every one of the 432 unique CopyDoodles will be delivered in five popular colors - red, black, blue, purple and white - so you have a choice of whether or not to add color to your hand-written doodles
  • Each CopyDoodle will also be delivered in three unique file formats for all your print and web needs(formats are Print PNG, Web GIF and Web JPG)
  • All told, you'll get a jam-packed CD-ROM with 6,480 total CopyDoodles to choose from that you can quickly copy and paste into your marketing projects
  • A "fast reference" booklet that shows every single doodle you have on your CD so you can quickly see what CopyDoodles you have available

Plus, as a special offer for GKIC Members, we will also include:

Bonus 1 - 10 Amazing Ways to Add Attention-Grabbing Power and Lift Your Response ebook (Value = $97) - includes 10 valuable tips, tricks, and secrets for applying CopyDoodles to quickly and easily ramp up your business' marketing pieces.

Bonus 2 - Digital version of The Magic of CopyDoodles training system (Value = $297) - Over 5 hours of in-depth, best practices training on the right ways to use CopyDoodles in your marketing!

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I personally guarantee, when you make an honest effort to try just a few of these proven response boosters in your business, your marketing and copy will look more personal, stand out from the boring, plain-vanilla marketing all around you and grab more attention than ever before.

You'll have an entire month to prove to yourself CopyDoodles really do work and that you will get at least a 10 times return on your investment with me!

If you aren't 100% satisfied with CopyDoodles within the first month, simply return the entire CopyDoodles package and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous, no-hassle refund of your purchase price upon receipt.

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